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Medical grade client homecare

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The MediMD importance of homecare


MediMD systems work in synergy with treatments, devices and homecare with a concise range that is easy to follow offering a gentle approach with no downtime just great results.  


Our retail range is designed to be sold through practitioners for the education the products need to be assigned and maximise clinic profits and client loyalty.


Our homecare has been designed in the form of easy to prescribe homecare retail and post/pre procedure kits for all skin types and a full range of homecare.

Professional in clinic facials make improvements to not only client’s skin but their well-being appearance, self confidence and esteem.


Our professional products work in synergy with our homecare ranges. The importance of a treatment plan builds confidence in our professional MediMD skin therapists building client relationships, designing treatment plans and seeing them through a skin journey to full skin health.  

The importance of a homecare routine includes:

  • Maintaining results 

  • Maximum skin health

  • Prevention from returning to old unhealthy skin habits

  • Using incorrect products for the skin between treatment

  • Following the correct professional skin advice for realistic outcomes


MediMD skincare professionals have been trained to know the correct homecare required for different skin types and conditions. Ultimately they know which ingredients work, which products have the most supporting scientific evidence and we know which products will deliver results long term in the treatment plan and professional maintenance.


Clients who buy the correct skincare from you on your advice and who use them religiously, will have much better outcomes, will be more loyal to you and will be great ambassadors for your business as their skin will be a walking advert for the work and advice you have given them.

They will not be open to fad products and will not waste their money or ruin their skin on these products. They will return to you month after month for their homecare and treatments as they will know what works and what doesn’t.


Lets keep our skin looking amazing after MediMD professional facials with the MediMD range of medical grade cosmetic homecare products.



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